Warm up multiple IPs simultaneously

Certainly! If you need to warm up multiple IPs simultaneously, follow these steps to manage the warm-up process effectively:

Segment Your IPs

  • Divide your IPs into segments based on their intended use (e.g., transactional emails, marketing emails, different brands).
  • Each segment will have its own warm-up schedule.

Parallel Warm-up

  • Run warm-up schedules for each IP segment in parallel.
  • Monitor the performance of each segment separately.

Gradual Volume Increase

  • Apply the same gradual volume increase approach to each IP segment.
  • For example, if you have three segments, follow the warm-up schedule for each one independently.

Monitor Metrics Separately

  • Track bounce rates, engagement metrics, and reputation for each IP segment.
  • Adjust warm-up timelines based on the performance of each segment.

Authentication and Reputation

  • Ensure that each IP has proper authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) configured.
  • Maintain consistent sending patterns for all IPs.
  • Consider rotating IPs during warm-up to evenly distribute the load.
  • Rotate IPs based on performance and reputation.

Remember that managing multiple IPs requires careful coordination and monitoring. Regularly assess the performance of each IP segment and adjust warm-up schedules as needed. 📧🔥